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Special Events

2022 Special Events

Opening Day of Market- May 25th- A Garden Party

All Things Millwood- July 20th —  We want ANY Millwood business or entity to join us in the park that day and advertise their existence. No fee for the booth space (no retail sales allowed – just opportunity to advertise themselves) Contact us to reserve your spot.

 2nd Annual Cooking Competition – July 20

Kid & Family Day- August 17th: Kids & Teens Competition

Millwood Daze Warmup – August 24th

Back to School Hair Cuts:  August 31st

2022 Kids and Teens Cooking Competition

August 17

Submissions accepted between 4PM and 6PM

Winners announced at 6:30 PM

Entries will be judged based on appearance, taste, execution, and creativity in three (3) categories with one winner from each category

*Traditional Salsa * Spicy Salsa *Fruity Salsa


Using the local fruits/vegetables in season from the farmers market, AND small pantry items provided such as oil, salt, vinegar, lime, lemon, sugar, chefs will assemble their salsa and submit for judging.
All ingredients are provided by the Millwood Farmers Market and will beprepped.

This is a NO KNIVES or HOT STOVES competition.

This is an open competition; no time limit to prepare except deadline of 6PM.

All Kids and Teens are welcome to participate. Bring your application, make your amazing salsa, and stick around to see if your salsa is the best!

Click here for application in pdf format

2022 Cooking Demonstrations

Teaching to prepare food

Creates a Lifetime of Joy

June 15th:  Grilled Flank Steak with Radish Cucumber Salad

July 13th:  Kohlrabi Slaw

August 17th: Corn Salsa

September 7th:  Speedy Ratatouille (With Eggplant)

September 28th:  Winter Squash Soup

Millwood Daze

Saturday, August 27th


Friday, December 2nd

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