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Special Events

2022 Special Events

Opening Day of Market- May 25th- A Garden Party

All Things Millwood- July 20th —  We want ANY Millwood business or entity to join us in the park that day and advertise their existence. No fee for the booth space (no retail sales allowed – just opportunity to advertise themselves) Contact us to reserve your spot.

 2nd Annual Cooking Competition – July 20

Kid & Family Day- August 17th: Kids & Teens Competition

Millwood Daze Warmup – August 24th

Back to School Hair Cuts:  August 31st

2022 Cooking Demonstrations

Teaching to prepare food

Creates a Lifetime of Joy

June 15th:  Grilled Flank Steak with Radish Cucumber Salad

July 13th:  Kohlrabi Slaw

August 17th: Corn Salsa

September 7th:  Speedy Ratatouille (With Eggplant)

September 28th:  Winter Squash Soup

Millwood Daze

Saturday, August 27th


Friday, December 2nd

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