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Finding Us

From the North — Left turns on Argonne are not easy during Market Hours, so here are some alternatives.

Stay on Argonne turning left on Trent and then left on North Maple Road.

Stay on Argonne as above, yet if traffic is clear when you reach Buckeye go ahead and take the left turn.

Avoid the busy part of Argonne by turning right on Euclid right before the train tracks.  Turn left at the Marguerite intersection (stop sign).  Turn left at the School on Grace.  Use the stop light to get across Argonne.

From the West — Avoiding the busy traffic on Argonne.

Driving East Bound on Trent continue through the Argonne intersection in the left hand lane.  Turn left into the neighborhood at the second (N. Willow Rd.) or third (N. Maple Rd.) left hand intersection.  You will dead end into the park.

Use E. Grace to cross Argonne at a stop light.  This is one way to come to the market if you are walking or on a bicycle.

If you are coming from Euclid or Liberty then take Marguerite to Grace.

Coming on foot or bicycle from the historic district cross Argonne with the stop light at Euclid.  Then follow the Millwood trail east and into the park

From the East or the South

Driving West Bound on Trent in the right hand lane prepare to turn right after crossing the bridge.  The 3rd right onto N. Maple Rd. will then take you right to the center of the park.

Coming from the South on Argonne turn right on Trent merging into the left lane.  Turn left at the third street (N. Maple Rd) on the left, and travel in to the park.

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