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Our goal is to bring our community together with local farmers, artisans and food vendors to provide a wonderful marketplace experience in Millwood.

Volunteering is a vital part of our market and provides a fun way to meet and participate with our local community.


In an effort to help you determine what volunteering for our market might look like (skills utilized and time commitment) below are descriptions of some of the market activities:

Market Day Help – set up or take down:  Time commitment 1-2 hours before; 1-2 hours after

Setting up and/or taking down signs, banners and flags around Millwood on market days. Suitable for someone that can lift and transport sandwich board signs, feather flags and put up banners.  All equipment provided.  Lifting weight approx. 30-40 lbs.

Children’s Activities – Time commitment 30 min before & after market; 4 hours during market

Setting up the activity for that market day and handing out/operating KERNEL booth.  Set up is approx. 30 minutes.  Operating the booth is during market hours (3pm – 7pm) and can be shared with another volunteer.  Take down is approx. 30 minutes.  All equipment and supplies provided.   Will be subject to successful background check.

Social Media – Time commitment varies and can be done outside of market hours.

Post and share images, stories, activities, weekly contest, etc. in order to boost market visitation and awareness in the community.   This position works closely with the market manager and may be shared.  Successful candidates for this position will have demonstrated social media skills and an interest in marketing/branding.

Photography – Time commitment varies and usually done during market hours

Photos of market activities; time commitment will vary and multiple volunteers may serve in this capacity.

Clerical Assistance – Time commitment varies but typically 2-4 hours per week during market

Help market manager with weekly records, filing, learn EBT system and fill in periodically if needed.  Will be subject to successful background check.

Arrange for Music- Time commitment less than 1 hour/week

Contacting musicians via phone or email and scheduling for music performance.  Also confirming day before that musician will attend the market as arranged.   List of musicians is available and researching new options is encouraged.

Grant Research/writing/fundraising- Time commitment varies

Check into potential grants or sponsors for Millwood market.  Successful candidates have good research and communication skills or grant writing experience.

Strategic planning /Board support – Time commitment varies

Participate in vision and long-term planning for the Millwood market; help set goals and objectives; provide assistance on market days as needed.   Board meetings at least once per quarter; market assistance could be 2-4 hours/week but will vary based on need and schedule.  May be subject to successful background check.

Please use the form below to express your interest in being Millwood Farmers’ Market Volunteer.

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    We know that each volunteer has a unique schedule and so we'd like to be flexible with your volunteers commitments. Please let us know the times you are able to help. Please check all that apply.

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