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We are creating a Market Vendor’s Profile Portfolio so you can get to know who our vendors are, and what they are bringing to market.

Clicking on the Vendor’s logo below will open a profile page about that vendor.  Each vendor will tell you something about themselves and the product they are bring to market. 

To keep the vendor page open, “Right Click” and “Open in New Tab” on the vendor you want to look at.

Within their page there may be links to the Vendor’s existing online presence so you can learn more about them.  But nothing beats stopping into their market booth and spending some time talking with them, so do come to market.

Portfolio’s are in order

  • Producer Farmer

  • Producer Processor

  • Producer Reseller

  • Prepared Food Vendor

  • Artisan / Crafter Vendor

  • Health Care Provider

Some Vendors will be in more than one category

Producer Reseller

No work yet.

Health Care Providers

Additional  Produce / Food Vendors include:

-Tom’s Tomatoes

Tomatoes and other vegetable and flower starts, herbs, Greeting cards

-Great Harvest Bread Co, Sara

Artisan bread and sweets like cinnamon rolls, muffins; Granola, flavored butters; dog treats

-Fruit Hill Farms, Shawna

Vegetable plants

-B&G Sweet Peppers, Gail

Sweet candied jalapenos and sweet heat marinade


Additional Produce Vendors will be joining us as soon as their produce is ready for market.

Additional Other Vendors Include:

-Dora’s Denims and More

Recycled denim bags, prayer cloths, other crocheted items

-Forever Flowers and More

Garden art, crafted from repurposed glass, crystal dishware to create sun catcher; decorative large flowers for display outdoor in and around garden;  Gourd and wreaths

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