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2020 Vendors

Produce Vendors Include:

Lori Musgrave with Hutterian Farm

Arnold and Lisa

Pacific Produce

Forelot Farm

Cliffside Organic Orchard

Britney Ratzlaff

Other Vendors Include:

RBD Research Lab

Woodland Springs Soap

Cowgirl Cookin’ Spices

Natural Chemist Essentials, Soap

Sle-Relief, CBD

Colombian Street Food, Food Truck

Piebabies, Pies,

Everlasting Garden Delights, Succulents

The Corner Door, Cookies

Great Harvest Bread Co., Bread

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Market Vendors:  Please get us your information so we can build your profile.

fore lot farms

“Fore Lot Farm is a urban farm dedicated to producing vegetables with freshness that is outside your front door.”

Stop by my booth and see what I have fresh each week.

Hwy 206 Vegetable Stand

Currently we have fresh rhubarb, catnip and many types of fresh herbs.

As the weeks go on we will have more mints and herbs, and then all the in season types of produce. We also have Hand Made Wood Works.

The Natural Chemist Essentials

Come see my Essential Oils, Men’s Shaving supplies, soaps and more.  The essential oils have many benefits and the raw material to produce them come from local farms and other local businesses.

Lori Musgrave

Stop in and get to know Lori, and ask her about putting together an order to have ready and waiting for you.

Fresh veggies and fruits, and a selection of Pies, Jam, Cinnamon Rolls & Dried Fruit.

Tates Honey

We sell honey at our local shop, on Greenbluff when they are open and at the Millwood and other Farmers Markets. Our bees are located throughout the local area.   We also  run our own beekeeping operation and provide a location for all beekeepers to stop by.

Great Harvest

For over 30 years we have been using long, traditional methods of baking to create breads that are truly one-of-a-kind, simple, wholesome, and delicious. Bread. The way it ought to be.

Tripple H Farms

Haggertys Happy Hens.

We are a small Family Farm & raise chickens to sell their eggs to local markets and Farmers’ Markets.  Our chickens are Pasture Raised & love to scratch.


I carry cold hardy succulents suited for our climate.   I also carry a small assortment of Cati and other soft succulents.  I desire to help my customers grow their starts into healthy plants.


Cowgirls Cookin'

We’ve created a line of SEASONING PACKETS to help cookin’ cowgirls everywhere with their culinary skills. From main dishes to side dishes, it’s the seasonings that give ordinary food extraordinary taste!

RBD Research Lab

RBD Research Lab was created by 3 Veterans who suffer from daily chronic pain and we made it our passion to find improvement to quality of life.  Topical CBD cream for inflammation can help to ease muscle and joint discomfort right at the source.

Eisenman Farms

We are a local, family-owned urban farm operating on safe soils within the Spokane city limits.  Greens, root vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, specialty herbs, and edible pod peas.

DJ's Beads

Information about you here

Big Daddys Banh Mis

New Spokane Food Truck.  9/16/20 was the 1st week at MWFM and they were a hit.

Sunset Orchard

Sunset Orchards On Greenbluff.


Fruit from a Greenbluff Farm

Neilson Family Farm





Peaceful Lane Farm

Sustainable Local Produce from Colbert, WA







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